• Research Management
    Capitalize on your information assets. Consolidate and organize all your research in a centralized repository, where you can easily retrieve information quickly based on a variety of search criteria enabling more effective decision.

At BlueMetal we understand the need for well defined, designed and engineered solutions to meet the feeds-and-speeds requirements of financial services today. We also maintain expertise in the foundation infrastructures that truly enable our clients’ businesses. Our teams are expert at getting to information and making it actionable - both behind the scenes at the data layer and with the end user, enabling real innovation and competitive advantage for our clients.

BlueMetal maintains strategic relationships with many of the world’s largest Asset Managers, Investment Banks, Exchanges, Custodians, Hedge Funds, Insurers, Information Service providers and Software vendors. We hire for deep skills in applied technology delivering real industry solutions, such as Risk Management, Trading, Portfolio Analytics and Research. We understand how to deliver a great solution because we know the "why."

We have built complex systems for industry leading firms, such as:

  • Execution and Order Management Systems
  • Performance Reporting and Analytic Engines
  • Insurance Illustration Systems
  • Compliance Platforms
  • Retail Trading and Account Management Applications
  • Marketing Management & Publishing Portal
  • Business Intelligence for corporate reporting and analytics
  • Enterprise Data Platforms
  • Custodial Reporting Solutions

We understand the impact a millisecond can have in real dollars and euros and that performance isn’t just a technical term.

Our Clients