Cloud Strategy & Roadmap
You know moving to the cloud makes sense, but there are so many unknowns. We can help you with a smooth transition to get the most out of the cloud.


The cloud offers undeniable benefits for your enterprise: scalability, ease of management, gains in flexibility, and lower, predictable costs. But if you haven’t already moved your services to the cloud, how can you truly get the most out of what it can offer?

It’s important to understand everything that is possible with the cloud to analyze your readiness and determine how you’ll get to the desired state of cloud optimization. To ensure a successful transition, you need a comprehensive technology assessment, an operations and governance assessment, and a change management plan. BlueMetal can help you at every step of this journey.


Beginning with a collaborative process of deep discovery, BlueMetal gains an understanding of your specific business needs to create a vision for your ideal cloud solution. We provide an architecture design, project your ROI from moving to the cloud, and also closely consider all security and compliance issues. We then help design everything from sample staffing models to wireframes of what your optimized systems would actually look like.


  • Key findings of current systems and desired state
  • Prioritized project plan and roadmap, including recommendations and actionable steps for moving to the cloud
  • Cost and operations model, including total cost of ownership and ROI

A cloud assessment is critical whether you’re just beginning to explore a move to the cloud or if you already have some services in the cloud and want to fully optimize your systems. No matter your maturity level or particular business need, we can help plan your best approach to leveraging the cloud.

These are just some of the scenarios in which your business could benefit from the cloud:

  • Scalable websites for your digital marketing efforts
  • Agile engineering for your DevOps process
  • DR strategies for your data management systems
  • Extranet/B2B portals for your external constituents
  • Machine learning/IoT for your next-generation business applications
  • Data analytics to enhance your business insights
  • Mobile application development

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