The Hybrid Cloud
The technology industry is rapidly moving toward a cloud-hosting model, yet most software was designed for the on premises model. BlueMetal can help you modernize your applications for cloud-readiness and selectively move business processes to the cloud over time.


Do you have a well-established on-premises infrastructure to support your applications? Are you subject to regulatory requirements that make multi-tenant cloud hosting a nonstarter for some workloads, yet you want to take advantage of cloud hosting for others? Are you wondering how to address the challenges of integration, security, and governance as you develop your cloud roadmap?

The technology world is changing – and embracing this change will helpyou achieve cost savings, a faster time to market, and the elastic scale that the cloud provides, as well as the ability to focus on your core business rather than on infrastructure support and maintenance. If you’re not ready to move to the cloud today, you can still design and build a modern, flexible platform to support your business as you go forward. If you want to begin moving work to the cloud, it won’t happen overnight; some may always need to stay on premises. A hybrid cloud solution gives you the opportunity to selectively move computing to the cloud over time based on your organization’s needs.


BlueMetal’s extensive experience with cloud platforms and services makes us the ideal partner to assist you in designing the right blend of on-premises and cloud hosting for your enterprise solution. Working with your internal team we’ll architect the full solution, from security design and deployment, including identity federation and synchronization between on premises and cloud environments, to data center integration, allowing data sharing, monitoring, backups, and other operations across hybrid environments.

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