Lean Engineering: ROI-Driven High-Velocity Product Innovation
Supercharge your ability to bring software products to market with Lean Engineering, a proven method to quickly develop products tailored to meet your customers' needs.


Do you struggle to deliver the next version of that business-critical application to your customers? As organizations strive to keep pace with industry and technology, many struggle because their internal processes are not designed to support high-velocity innovation.

In order to drive innovation, you need to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner through automation and increasing release cycles. In addition, you must engage your customers early in the development cycle to get their feedback and make sure you are on track to deliver exactly what they need.


We at BlueMetal are practitioners of Lean Engineering, a high-velocity product development process that applies Lean methodology for the design and development of modern applications.

Lean Engineering is a proven methodology for maximizing velocity, reducing risk, and increasing product quality through continuous improvement and continuous deployment. Through frequent release cycles, your customers can get early access to your products and provide the critical feedback that will keep your development efforts on track. Lean Engineering puts a clear focus on your business goals and creates a roadmap for you to achieve them.


  • Software Development Lifecycle Assessment
  • Lean Engineering, Cloud Architecture, and Technology Workshops
  • Application Architecture Roadmap
  • Reference Architecture and Implementation


Our three-phase process advances the deep discovery of your environment and business needs, defines the design, architecture, and strategy to address the challenge at hand, and substantially reduces your risk in the development phase. Our team of strategists, designers, and technologists partners with your team to deliver solutions with a craftsmanship, velocity, and quality that are unique in the industry.


In this phase, our Lean Engineering expert team partners with you to generate ideas based on a deep understanding of your business strategy, architecture, and organization.

Deliverables: Envisioning session

Timeframe: 1 day


During the BluePrint phase, the vision is refined as we engage around the context of an existing business challenge and actually begin to apply the principals of Lean Engineering. We work with you to scope the minimum viable prototype, build it, measure it, and get feedback on it before beginning the cycle again.

Deliverables: Architectural design session; proof of concept

Timeframe: 3-6 weeks


This phase involves the deep, iterative development process integral to delivery of large-scale solutions. With the team now trained in running through the Lean Cycle, we work closely with you to iterate through to the creation of a polished final product.

Deliverables: Working application ready for launch; coaching and mentoring as necessary

Timeframe: 3-6 months

With our collaborative and agile development approach, we deliver a solution what exactly meets your needs—beautiful in both form and function, optimized for performance, scalability, management, and long-term cost of ownership.

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