Modern Applications for the Cloud
Leverage modern patterns, practices, and cloud platform capabilities for the design and development of modern applications for the enterprise.


Do you have legacy applications that are struggling to meet the demands of your business? Many organizations are using legacy applications that were built 10-15 years ago. These applications, often the backbone of day-to-day business, may no longer meet the demands of today’s environment in such areas as security, scalability, and mobile support. As functionality has been layered on over the years, these legacy applications present a significant complexity that is out of touch with end-user expectations.


BlueMetal will partner with your development team to create a vision and roadmap that defines your application modernization strategy. We assess your application architecture and software development lifecycle processes to design a comprehensive and tailored roadmap.

Through a series of workshops and design sessions, BlueMetal will help your team model business capabilities, define APIs, and implement autonomous, independently deployed, scaled, and managed Microservices—providing a scalable, resilient, cross-platform foundation for your modern applications.

In addition, we will work with your team to adopt the latest in user interface frameworks and design approaches to create immersive experiences for modern devices.


  • Design, Architecture, and Technology Workshops
  • Software Development Lifecycle Assessment
  • Application Architecture Roadmap
  • Reference Architecture and Implementation


Our three-phase process advances the deep discovery of your environment and business needs, defines the design, architecture, and strategy to address the challenge at hand and substantially reduces your risk in the development phase. Our team of strategists, designers, and technologists partners with your team to deliver solutions with a craftsmanship, velocity, and quality that are unique in the industry.


In this phase, our expert team engages with you—either around an existing application or an idea for a new application—to understand your issues and develop a vision for an optimal solution that leverages Modern Application principles and Microservice Architecture.

Deliverables: Client workshops, envisioning session

Timeframe: 1-2 days


During the BluePrint phase, we partner with you to conduct an architecture design around your desired future state. Using modern frameworks, we scope out the build of a small-scale prototype and apply Lean Engineering principles to develop the proof of concept.

Deliverables: Architecture design session, application architecture roadmap, proof of concepts

Timeframe: 3-6 weeks


This phase involves the deep, iterative development process integral to delivery of large-scale solutions. This is where we build the next components of the final version of your Modern Application and determine the best-fit approach to ensure interoperability between your new technology and your old systems.

Deliverables: Working application that can be delivered to your field staff

Timeframe: Variable

With our collaborative and agile development approach, we deliver a solution what exactly meets your needs—beautiful in both form and function, optimized for performance, scalability, management, and long term cost of ownership.

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