Modern Apps & Microservices Workshop
Learn how to architect, build, and deploy scalable Microservices on Azure in this collaborative and dynamic five-day event.

Do you need to bring your team up to speed on building highly scalable Microservice solutions on Microsoft Azure? Does the fast pace of your business preclude the kind of on-the-job learning your staff desires?

The Modern Apps & Microservices Workshop is a high velocity 5-day project workshop designed for software architects and developers. It provides guidance on how to architect, build, and deploy scalable Microservices on Azure using your existing skill sets: C#, ASP.NET and Visual Studio. To maximize your time and value, we’ll use an application from your portfolio as context for the workshop.


Planning Call - Discuss workshop details, team preparations, and lock down agenda and logistics.

Day 1 - Architecture - Review your current Process, Methodology, Patterns & Practices, Introduction to Lean Engineering & Microservice Architecture

Day 2 - Design - Microservice Architecture for your Application, Minimal Viable Product Definition, Data & API Modeling

Day 3 - Training - Azure Redis, Azure DocumentDb, ASP .NET Web API, Azure API Management, Azure Service Bus

Day 4 - Coding - Implementation by the team of the Minimal Viable Product

Day 5 - Deployment and Testing - Review deployment scenarios and unit, in-process, out-of-process, contract, and end to end testing

Retrospective Review workshop and discuss next steps


Developers and software engineers with C# skills

  • How to apply Lean Engineering principles to Enterprise IT
  • How to move from Monolithic to Microservice Architecture for your applications
  • How to design a Microservice including Data and API Modeling
  • How to leverage Azure Redis and Azure DocumentDb for object caching and storage
  • How to leverage Azure API Management for security, policy injection, managing developer subscriptions, and analytics
  • How to deploy and test Microservices
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