Research Management
Capitalize on your information assets. Consolidate and organize all your research in a centralized repository, where you can easily retrieve information quickly based on a variety of search criteria enabling more effective decision.

Need to keep track of research? Need to access information quickly and easily? Are you managing your research materials with a costly third-party product? What if you could leverage a platform you already own, and thereby control where your data lives, eliminate ongoing subscription costs, and reduce incremental costs associated with adding additional users?


Our custom research solution, built on SharePoint, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Outlook, allowing you to store and manage all of your research, notes, emails, models, and documents in one central location. The information is indexed, enabling quick retrieval of all information related to an opportunity.

Integrate data from a third party and internal systems to view holdings, trade history, pricing, and proprietary data alongside internal research. Workflows specific to your investment process can trigger alerts when a price target or an event you’re monitoring is imminent and tasks are created and assigned as the investment process enters a new phase. Preserve the history of your analysis and judgment on a company, enabling you to review and report on how your viewpoint has evolved over time.

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