Strategic Experience Assessment
Your customer experience is falling flat, but where? Let us show you—and guide you to a new experience that gives you a stronger connection with your users.


Do you need to modernize your applications to improve the experience you give your customers or end users? Or do you need to understand how customers interact with your brand or go through a shopping experience with you, be it physical or digital?

The starting point for addressing any of these issues is a strategic assessment of your user experience. At BlueMetal, we assess the experience of your customers or users across all channels—from online to call centers to brick-and-mortar locations—and provide an objective third-party opinion of where the breakpoints are in your customer experience.

In the “age of the customer,” customers and users are the new economy. If you have an old business model and want to move to a modern customer-centric model, this assessment from BlueMetal tells you exactly where to start and where you can go.


We’ll help you identify gaps in your current experience and provide a detailed roadmap for taking it to a new level of usability. Drawing on our understanding of many different industries, we bring a research-based methodology and data-driven analysis to every engagement.

Our understanding of what drives digital success enables us to develop a meaningful, actionable strategy for you to move forward—always with your business goals and specific success metrics as the priority.

Step 1: Kickoff

We begin by working closely with you to understand what your particular experience issue is and what type of success you are looking for. We also determine the impact of this issue on a business level.

This phase is about getting the full picture of why you want and need an assessment right now. By understanding your current position, we tailor our assessment based on your needs or identified breakpoints to address your business issues.

Step 2: Research & Recommendations

This is where we dig into your customer or user experience and analyze it across all available channels, including physical when appropriate. We’ll do everything from conducting interviews throughout your business and with customers to performing market research to observing the physical customer experience.

We will also often perform customer segmentation and profiling, conduct customer and employee surveys, and do extensive competitive benchmarking as we prepare our recommendations.

Step 3: Final Presentation of Findings

With the analysis complete, we brainstorm with you on the actions you can take to improve your experience across all touchpoints. We then present a cost analysis of all recommendations—including value added—and we provide a detailed, prioritized strategy to guide you forward on addressing your most important issues.

With our collaborative and agile development approach, we deliver a solution that exactly meets your needs—beautiful in both form and function, optimized for performance, scalability, management, and long-term cost of ownership.

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