Case Study

Employee Portals

BlueMetal’s collaborative process can create outstanding results for our clients dealing with internal communication and employee effectiveness issues.


Many large companies deal with internal effectiveness issues, whether it's due to a new product and brand direction, a merger, or internal systems that make consistent and centralized communication a challenge. BlueMetal provides an approach that can get to the root of the issue and provide an intranet solution custom to your needs.


Our client had several challenges – the company had been diverged from their parent company with a perception that remaining employees had been "left behind." Beyond the emotional, there were also some practical problems. The client had several ineffective processes that spanned now fractured departments and systems. The newly appointed CEO had a vision to return to the legacy of the brand, but combined with a startup energy. Another business challenge was ensuring this vision was not only communicated to every employee but that they were empowered to contribute to it and create it.

Key requirements for the new intranet experience included the following:

  • Search multiple sources of structured and unstructured information
  • An on-brand revitalized look and feel
  • A seamless experience incorporating social media techniques to create transparency

The goal was to move away from siloed departments sites and folders into a unified effortless work tool that allowed employees to be more effective while contributing to the brand.

An early wireframe for the customer's intranet.


Our vision was defined for the client, with the client. In order to create a world-class experience, we had to address the subject of change within the organization. The vision of an employee portal that is refreshing, modern, and creates excitement within the company while also improving effectiveness was our number one priority.

The completed intranet design.


Our BlueMetal collaborative process entailed working closely with the client's employees in order to not only gain a deeper understanding of some of the current issues, but also to act as a go-between for employees and executives to get them all on the same page. By working as part of the client team, we created not only a beautiful employee portal, but also by being "on the ground," we ensured successful adoption.

Following a successful design, BlueMetal developed the solution in Office 365 utilizing client-side development to take full advantage of the platform while ensuring future upgrade success. The entire solution was mobile-optimized, ensuring users could find curated content from any device.

By working closely as part of the client team, we created not only a beautiful employee portal but also a sustainable solution with high adoption. By focusing on change management throughout the effort, the client enjoyed a significant uptake in usage, measurably higher employee satisfaction and productivity, and fewer support requests.

"BlueMetal’s thoughtful, collaborative approach to employee portals ensures our clients’ intranets are successfully adopted and create meaningful results."
James Horgan, VP of Design at BlueMetal