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Life At Bluemetal

Life at BlueMetal

The Art of the Possible We believe in a core set of BlueMetal principles that make us a leader in our field.

Dave Davis Published in SDTimes: Visual Studio 2015, An Insider’s Review
Microsoft has made many moves in 2015, with each step proving it is not the Microsoft of old. The company is embracing change, from open-sourcing parts of the .NET framework, to building applications for competing platforms—sometimes before their own platforms. This year we are getting a new version of Windows, both desktop and mobile, and a new version of Office. more
Bob German Interviewed at SP TechCon for Office 365 Podcast
In this episode, Jeremy Thake and Richard DiZerega talk to Bob German about micro services. more
Brian Butler Joins BlueMetal as Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Brian brings more than two decades of experience at Microsoft and helps position BlueMetal to scale its sales, marketing, and channel capabilities across the country. more