Accountable Care Accelerator
Create a Cloud-Based HIPAA-compliant Repository for Big Data Mining.


The business, clinical, and data challenges facing health care providers today are so complex, they require the best collaborative innovation and technology to solve them. Many providers express frustration with their inability to get comprehensive visibility and insight into their patient data; to practice consistent, predictive medicine; and to easily communicate and coordinate patient treatment across the continuum of care. Without a single source system to coordinate care, most providers manage multiple systems where siloed data is the inevitable end result. In order to create higher quality patient care at a lower delivery cost, providers need business intelligence capability over common data to measure their clinical and operational performance. To meet Meaningful Use 2 attestation in 2014, providers also need a patient/provider portal so patients can view, download, transmit, and meaningfully interact with their health information. Finally, the milestone calendar imposed by the federal government means providers will either reap the incentives or deal with the penalties.


BlueMetal's “art of the possible” solution development and integration expertise span today's technology challenges. We have extensive experience with hybrid on-premises and cloud data architectures; complex regulatory requirements and data sets; security; business intelligence; and compliant, role-based collaboration. Our experience mitigates your risk, driving development of your project at greater velocity with demonstrable ROI. We begin by performing a TCO analysis of your infrastructure and providing recommendations around cost, security, scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery. As a partner of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, we have extensive experience in the evaluation and use of cloud infrastructure from an architecture, security, and TCO perspective.

We will then assess your existing data warehouse and implement standards, or develop one according to data, architecture, and role-based security models. From your disparate EMR systems we create a master patient record from all metadata, which provides a fluid way to retrieve, share, and validate clinical data. We seek to minimize disruption in clinician training or existing clinical workflow - i.e. they do not have to learn a different system or enter data twice. This clinical data warehouse is architected in a way to provide API access, through a business semantic layer, to established third-party partner solutions, creating a foundation for capabilities that can be presented in the provider and patient views.

Finally, we provide a compliant collaboration portal and dashboard of data visualizations across the continuum of care – from emergency to primary care to home health. This gives you, the provider, a total perspective on patient care, as well as greater insight into readmissions and recidivism. It facilitates coordinated, actionable care decisions that improve patient safety and reduce cost. This collaboration portal satisfies MU2 requirements and allows the patient to interact with their patient record and care plan.

You can move forward comfortably knowing that you can quickly and economically become ACO compliant. Even if you own a single EMR, you can realize significant value from integrating other systems and providing data visualizations to help your teams make better decisions, while offering a more user-friendly, multi-tenant, multi-lingual MU2 experience to patients across any PC, tablet, or mobile device/platform.

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