Enterprise Mobility Management
Embrace Bring Your Own Device with confidence and realize the potential of mobility with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.


Your business is demanding mobile solutions to empower the workforce, but the high costs and complexities of mobile device and application management products are holding you back. Additionally, a Bring Your Own Device culture puts your enterprise’s data security at risk. You would like to move forward with mobility, but you are not sure how to do that responsibly while maintaining the convenience your users expect.


Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that supports four key aspects of enterprise mobility: user identity, device management, application management, and data protection. EMS fully supports the most popular mobile platforms today such as iOS and Android and integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Office 365.

BlueMetal’s Devices and Mobility team understands the challenges facing enterprise mobility today and has experience leveraging the capabilities of EMS to address them. During the course of this five-day engagement, BlueMetal will assess your current mobility requirements, deploy EMS components that meet your objectives, and demonstrate the key features important to your team. By the end of the engagement, you will have an enterprise mobility management infrastructure in place that you can roll out to end-users.


Day 1: Identity with Azure Active Directory

  • Review Single-Sign On for SaaS solutions, Multi-factor authentication, and Self-service

Day 2: Device Management with Microsoft InTune

  • Provision InTune instance (30-day trial)
  • Configure device management policies
  • Review enrollment for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

Day 3: Application Management with Microsoft InTune

  • Enable app publishing for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Publish sample application for each platform

Day 4: Data Protection

  • Review data protection scenarios
  • Demonstrate Azure Rights Management SDK
  • Demonstrate App Wrapping

Day 5: Advanced Features and Recap

  • Mobility Risk Assessment
  • EMS Configuration Document

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