Modern Intranet
Many large companies deal with internal effectiveness issues, whether due to rapidly-evolving brand direction, a merger, or disconnected internal systems that make consistent and centralized communication a challenge. BlueMetal provides a proven approach that gets to the root of the issue while providing an intranet solution custom to your needs.

Enterprise clients often miss out on the opportunities that intranets and portals can provide for employee effectiveness, whether its due to budget allocation or lack of executive buy-in. Poor employee work tools can prevent transparency and create siloed in-effective communication. Our proven user-centric approach creates portals that truly match the needs of your employees and guarantee a return on investment.


Our vision is defined for the client, with the client. In order to create a world-class experience, we address the subjects of organizational change management and governance. The vision of an employee portal that is refreshing, modern, and creates excitement within the company while also improving effectiveness was our number one priority.

We start with a research-based approach over four weeks that sets the stage for what an effective portal is for your company, while giving you the material and evidence to convince executives to allocate budget.


We begin with two workshops, one aimed at understanding your technical landscape and the other to understand your business vision. We couple this with research understanding your current platform data, while assessing the effort to create a powerful portal experience.


Our research then focuses on interviewing key employees within your organization, getting a deeper understanding of the tools they need to do their job day to day. We build a set of requirements which we use, coupled with your vision, to create a Design Brief.

WEEK 3-4

In our final two weeks, we do several items: We create one sample Persona to give you a sense of your common employee tasks and pain points. Then, we do some light wireframes to help you show your vision to your executive team. Finally, our team will build a project plan to help align your messaging with an associated budget and timeline to help with buy-in.

With our collaborative and agile development approach, we deliver a solution that exactly meets your needs: beautiful in both form and function, optimized for performance, scalability, management, and long-term cost of ownership. We can move beyond the four weeks to create full designs, do user-testing, and support change management adoption. Contact for more information.

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